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Potential Challenges

Real Estate in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Newbury Park

Selling your home can be a big – and often an overwhelming – undertaking. As an experienced Westlake Village real estate agent, Lydia Gable has helped many men and women in Calabasas, Conejo Valley, Thousand Oaks, and other communities in LA and Ventura County sell their homes while avoiding common pitfalls that sellers often make. Call our team today to find out more about how she can help you make selling as smooth and painless as possible. Working with an agent you can rely on will save you a great deal of grief as you prepare to sell your home.

First of all, she will help you price your home realistically. The first price you set on your home can have a huge impact on the success of your sale, as your highest traffic will occur in the first two to three weeks after you put your home on the market. A good real estate agent like Lydia Gable will never twist the numbers or give you foolish promises of unrealistic profit. Lydia will help you pick a price that is reflective of your home’s value while also grounded in the reality of the market in your area.

Also, she will never advise you to hide problems with your home from buyers. Remember that these problems will eventually be revealed in the home inspection phase anyway, so it is best to be honest with buyers from the beginning. You can work with your real estate agent or a contractor to decide if the problem should be fixed before you sell your home. Remember, just because you invested in some home improvements doesn’t mean that your home will be necessarily worth more than you paid for the renovations. Be realistic and pragmatic as you go through the pricing process.

Avoid Common Seller Mistakes

The team at Lydia Gable Realty Group can help you avoid common mistakes made by first-time sellers. Most people only sell a home a handful of times during the course of their lives – if at all – so these mistakes are understandable. An experienced real estate agent, however, has sold hundreds of houses and understands the market. That’s why they are able to help you get ready to show your home in a way that is effective and attracts potential buyers. Lydia Gable can help you use “tricks of the trade” to make your property irresistible to viewers and to aggressively market it.

In addition, our team can help walk you through the process of accommodating numerous visitors – a process that can sometimes feel invasive and stressful to a first-time seller, but one that is very important in the selling process. She can also help you entertain reasonable offers, maintaining an open mind and reasonable expectations while also helping you discern which proposals are not in your best interest. Our team will help you promote your home, getting the news out to the right audience in order to cater to your most likely buyers. We know the market and understand how best to get the word out in order to give your home a great chance at selling. Let us help you find that perfect buyer.

Call Lydia Gable Realty Group today!

Questions about how our real estate team can help you meet potential challenges and avoid those common seller errors? Call our office and speak to a friendly team member who can answer your questions. Don’t wait! Get in touch with us today and take a step toward a smooth, successful sale.

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