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    Top Home Design and Remodeling Trends for 2014

    For most of us, the New Year brings with it the need to start fresh, which for many home owners, translates to a burning desire to change it up with a redesign or remodel. If you are feeling the urge to redecorate or remodel your home in 2014, here are some of the hottest trends you may want to incorporate. What are the experts forecasting? Well here are just some of the top home design and remodel trends for 2014.

    Home Interior Trends: Blue is the Hue!

    In 2014, we’ll see warm woods, serene blues and refined textures integrated into private spaces designed to restore body and soul.

    ~Michael Booth, interior designer,BAMO

    Goblin Blue—illustrated beautifully by Capel Rugs’ Kasbah Diamond underscores the continued importance of all things sky and water in 2014.

    Smart Home Owners Have ‘Smart’ Homes

    Tech is a hot trend right now in the home redesign and remodeling sector, more specifically smart and eco-tech redesigns. This trend started a few years back and now, it’s not only standing the test of time, but hotter than ever. According to RealtyTimes, the U-Socket is the hottest smart tech trend for 2014.

    • Designers Northwest also refers to the U-Socket. They list it among their top trends for 2014…

    Electronic devices reign in most households which creates the need to provide a way to integrate these new devices into our homes. When remodeling your kitchen, new under counter plug strips allow home owners to connect electronic devices such as your iPhones and iPads to built-in USB ports for charging.

    • Taking Smart Homes One Step Further

    2014 ushers in eco-friendly and energy saving smart homes as the central focus. According to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel titled Top 2014 home improvement trends: smart homes and home automation, 2014 just might be THE year of the smart home with an added focus on eco-friendly products and energy management systems. Automated energy management systems can help homeowners control their energy usage and reduce their collective environmental footprint while still automating all of their home technology.

    Some experts are predicting 2014 will be the year of the smart home. Automation is becoming the new norm in three main areas of the home … these technologies make it easier than ever to monitor energy and water usage, helping to reduce a family’s environmental footprint as well as their energy bill.

    Holistic Home Design

    The emphasis on holistic design is also hot this year. While it is a newer trend, it’s likely to stick around as this, some would say, simplistic approach to home design is becoming more popular. More and more household items are being designed, produced and promoted with a more holistic approach. Companies like Nest and Moreless are designing household products with an emphasis on the elimination of certain plastics, the use of recyclables and the addition of wireless technology while still keeping design in mind. This modern approach to utilitarian items makes the smoke detector or thermostat for instance, less of an eye-sore must-have, and more of an integral part of the overall design of the space. Nest and Moreless are among the leaders, but many start-ups are hot on their heels.

    The Housing Market on the Rebound

    Real Estate is also once again hot this year. No more waiting because of fears of the economy, home prices are on the rise and people are jumping back in the game. If you are ready to buy or sell your home in Southern California, contact Lydia Gable for a consultation.


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