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Top Five Tips to Prepare a Home for Sale

Prepare a Home for Sale

List Your Home to Sell!

Be the home seller who goes to market and sells, not the one who is forced to keep dropping the list price. The difference between a listed house that translates to sale quickly and an unsuccessful listing actually occurs in the preparationbeforeyou list the home.

Remember it is a seller’s market—the competition is fierce and you want to get the highest price possible. I’ve listed homes that go into escrow only days after listing. So because of this market, that means you have to do some work to remain competitive for the sale.

Here are five must-dos to increase your home’s curb appeal:

1.) Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is all about first impressions. The potential buyer should be greeted by fresh flowers, green grass, and painted light fixates at the very least. Additionally, viewers should never enter a dirty home or they won’t even stay to see the home. All they will remember is grime. You must scrub and shine the house from top-to-bottom. If cleaning is not your strongest skill-set, there are cleaning companies that you can hire that specifically clean for moves and sales. Jeff Wiren, past President of the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors in Oregon, says in a recent article,For sale: Get a Home Market Ready to Sell:

Give it a really good cleaning. A lot of sellers might not have the same perception of ‘deep cleaning’ that a buyer would. It might be worth spending a couple hundred dollars to have professionals come in and clean.

2.) Cluttered is Not Clean

Eliminate clutter. If you have a two car garage, there should be two cars parked, not two cars and everything but the kitchen sink stored in there. Remember your entire home is now a show case. Your personal stamp or personality is not going to sell the home—in fact it may detract from a sale. Wiren continues in the article:

… while you’re decluttering, you’re depersonalizing. You really need the buyer to be able to picture your home as their home. You don’t want the family portrait gallery lining the hallway.

3.) Stick to Neutral Paint

Your favorite room in the home may have red walls, but remember the home is now a show piece soothers might envision themselves living there. A nice neutral paint, even a DIY option, if neatly done, is encouraged.

4.) Don’t Skimp on the Flooring

It’s true that many sellers are reluctant to put any money into the flooring because it seems frivolous since they are moving. But the sale price should reflect how amazing the home is from top to bottom. So if the rugs are soiled and torn or the floors are scuffed, you must invest in a little maintenance. Says Wiren in that same real estate article:

Don’t lie to yourself. If the house has areas that show wear, get that work done before offering the home.

5.) The Home Buyer’s Perspective

Lastly, do a walk-through of the house from a buyer’s perspective. Questions to ask during the walk-through are:

    1. How does it feel when you step in the entry way?
    2. Does the house ‘step up to greet you’ as Oprah Winfrey always says. The house should invite the guest in. Is it clean?
    3. Objectively, would you buy it in the current condition?
    4. Does it look like a home buyer’s dream show case? The answer should be a resounding yes, if you want the home sold days after listing!

A Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

Finally–and this may be the best piece of advice–after you ask and answer all of these questions, enlist your real estate broker for his or her professional opinion. A successful home seller—one who knows the neighborhood and the current market well—will be honest with you and help you show case the home optimally. As a long time, experienced, real estate professional, my homes are flying off the market at record speed. Although it is indeed an ideal buyers’ haven, not all realtors are experiencing the same rates of success. So a bit of advice: choose your real estate agent wisely. And remember, pay special attention to the details in your home and follow the key preparation tips for a successful home sale.

For more information on my listings or if you are ready to list your home now in the Conejo Valley area visit my website at or call Lydia Gable at (818) 934-8902.

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