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    Tips for Selling in 2019’s Balanced Market

    2019’s Real Estate market is going to be more of a balanced market which means sellers will no longer have the upper hand. Buyers are being choosy and want the most for the dollar. As a seller, how do you put your best house forward? Here are the top mistakes real estate agents commonly see made by homeowners looking to sell their house.

    1. Overpriced Home

    In this market, and as inventory is increasing, if you want to sell your home, pricing is key. An experienced real estate agent will suggest a price based on researching comparable homes that have already sold in the market and what is currently active on the market.

    The first two weeks during which a home is listed is generally the most active and a time when the largest potential pool of buyers will be exposed to your home. Overpricing a home will lead to missed opportunities with buyers that are serious about buying in the range at which your home should be listed.

    1. Showing Availability – It’s Difficult to Set a Showing

    Selling your home may be disruptive. It’s just a fact. Try to be as convenient as possible to the pool of buyers who need to physically see your home in order to know whether it’s a place they want to buy. The more people who see it, the better your chance of selling.

    It’s not uncommon for buyers to see 5-10 homes during a showing tour with their agent. If your house isn’t on that list because you only do showings on the weekends from 10am to 2pm, you may miss out on ready, willing and able buyers.

    1. Cluttered Space – Unwilling to Depersonalize or Remove Clutter

    Sellers are sometimes unwilling to either make the effort or compromise how they live in their home during the time the home is on the market for sale. Serious sellers realize that by depersonalizing the home and removing clutter, it allows buyers to more easily visualize their own things in the house.

    An experienced agent may make recommendations about ways to remove clutter or depersonalize your home. Sometimes, a professional home stager may be used to completely maximize the space and create a setting to appeal to the largest pool of buyers. The key thing to remember here is these suggestions are not personal to you or your tastes. It’s about presenting a home that a buyer can move right into with little work on their part.

    1. Unpleasant Odors in the House

    Nothing will stop a potential buyer in their tracks faster than a strong odor of any sort in the home, albeit smoke, pet odors or even just be the left over smell from last night’s dinner. The main concern for the buyer is how is the house going to smell once they move in there. Many buyers have passed on a home after coming to their own conclusion on that answer.

    1. Seller Unwilling to Make Repairs Prior to Listing

    The purpose of making necessary repairs prior to listing your home is to make your house as appealing as possible to the widest audience. No seller wants to spend money making repairs to a house they are about to sell, but please also understand that few buyers want to move in to a house that needs a bunch of work done immediately upon moving in. Today’s buyers want move-in ready with little work to be done.

    Does all this seem overwhelming? It’s not as much as you think, especially when you have an experienced real estate agent guiding you through it all. Whether you want to sell next week, next season or next year, it’s never too early to meet and discuss your personalized selling strategy. If you have questions, please call Lydia Gable, Lydia Gable Realty Group with Compass, DRE01704493 at 818.383.4335.

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