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The Property Home Inspection

No Home is Perfect

As part of the home buying process, the final purchase should always be contingent upon a property inspection performed by a certified, licensed home inspector. Included in the inspection will be an entire review of the property and a list of repairs and replacements that could foreseeably be needed in the near future. According to an article on, you can’t rely solely on the buyer’s description of the current state of a home no matter how forthcoming the seller appears to be.

No matter how fully the seller discloses, there are many things the seller themselves may not be aware of…And just because you’re buying a newly built home doesn’t mean it will be perfect. You should still have your own professional home inspection performed.

Inside and Out

A home inspector is there to provide an objective report on the current condition of the entire property—inside and out. A good home inspection usually involves the inspection of more than one hundred parts. According to an article on RealLiving, both the exterior and interior parts inspection may include:

… checking the siding, trim, gutters, chimney, decks, garage, doors, and windows. Property foundation and framing systems are examined…ceilings, floors, the attic, insulation, basement and crawlspace and the entire electrical, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning systems…the swimming pools…for cracks and leaks. Evidence of damage by pests, termites, or the presence of toxic materials, are also inspected thoroughly.

Requesting Additional Tests, Repairs…

You may elect additional tests that are not always included like septic system testing or soil testing. According to the FAQs section on HomeInspectionsInc, inspectors are general. If deemed necessary, specialized inspectors may be required for the roof, pool, heating/air system or you may decide to hire a soil engineer.

Upon completion of your home inspection, the inspector will provide a comprehensive report of all parts inspected and any future requirements or repairs, to all parties involved. If there are repairs needed, you will need to clarify in writing how any defects will be corrected and who will be responsible for any remuneration.

Choose A Trusted Realtor…

Choose a trusted, reputable realtor whom you can confide in regarding any and all of your concerns regarding the home inspection. Since this is one of the most important purchases you will make, it is important to be completely assured and confident before you close. A good realtor will work with you to assure all of your needs are met and that all of your questions about the inspection are thoroughly reviewed and answered.

For questions regarding this or any other real estate matters, contact Lydia Gable at Keller Williams for a consultation or to view current home listings.

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