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Selling Smart

A Unique Perspective by Realtor, Lydia Gable

Lydia is an exceptional agent with a warm professional approach. It’s clear that selling a house in today’s market requires something extra. In Lydia’s case we found her objectivity, negotiating skills and smart use of the web and social media in her sales process to be outstanding. Her strong business and marketing background helped us present our house in its best light through multiple media channels. We recommend her highly.~01/18/2011-5 Stars, Zillow

‘What Makes You Different from Other Realtors?’

Lydia Gable

In reference to my success as a realtor, I have been asked one question many times by both prospective and regular clients: “Lydia, what differentiates you from all of the other realtors?” My answer has always been, “Look to my track record.” It’s the only way I know to answer, especially since I’m very humble and don’t for a minute, take my success in real estate, for granted. However, when I do allow myself to ponder the question, I wonder: What is it exactly that sets me apart?

The following is my best answer…

Positioning Your Home Well for the Best Sale

The decision to sell a home involves many choices that need to be decided before listing it. Many sellers struggle with these choices therefore helping them make the right ones is my specialty.

  • Pricing Your Home to Sell

First, how do we set the price for the home? Although prices are constantly moving, it seems the smarter seller is pricing correctly as well as combining the price listing with great internet marketing.

  • Planning & Staging A Home to Inspire Bidders

In addition to proper pricing, proper choices in deciding which repairs are necessary vs. not necessary, painting, uncluttering and staging- neutralizing the home, are all parts of the combined service that I provide in terms of exceeding expectations.

Selling Your Home

A home has one chance to launch well. You have one shot to make sure everything is in place before it goes into MLS and online. That first listing is so important. In fact it’s essential to achieve thebestsale outcome. Lastly, it’s also important to enlighten the seller about where it is they are moving to and the benefits of selling their current home.

If all of the aforementioned things are done incredibly well, if you make the right choices—proper price setting, staging, marketing, research and clear and honest communication with the client—you’re almost assured a bidding war that will drive the prices up.

When I allow myself to ponder the question: “What makes you better than any other realtor, Lydia?” I always answer: Look to my track record.

Does a Good Realtor Work Harder or Smarter?

In the end, whether it’s all skill or a little bit of luck and hard work meets opportunity, I do know a few things for sure. I know that many realtors claim to go that extra mile–to stage the home meticulously for a quick and beneficial sale or to price the property perfectly for the market–but do they really?. Why is that I am so competitive within the market? Again, I don’t profess to know with certainty what others do, but I know what I always do. With certainty I can say that based on my track record, I do things differently.

So I’ll leave it to you to decide: Am I working harder to sell Westlake real estate or just smarter?

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