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    Keep your stash another day!

    Well, it’s a weird time, isn’t? I’m here at home working, practicing social distancing and self quarantining amidst the Coronavirus in hopes of flattening the curve. I am thinking you are too. So from my home to your home, I hope you are healthy. I hope everybody is staying home. I hope you have everything you need. I do want to share that we are Conejo Valley strong and we will come out of this stronger. In the meantime, we as a team are here to help you. If you have any needs, if you are having financial trouble with lunches for your kids, we will bring them lunch or you’re uncomfortable grocery shopping or you need prescriptions for the elderly, I want you to feel 100% comfortable to reach out and ask us for help. There’s no judgment and complete confidentiality. I just want you to know that we want to help this amazing community that supports us each and every year and we want to be able to be a resource for you in case you’re not able to get out and about.

    The Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce just posted a list of local restaurants that are still open for business – see below. These restaurants are currently open for takeout and delivery. As you know, all the businesses are closed in L.A. and L.A. County right now due to the Coronavirus. In the Conejo Valley, local restaurants are still open. So, if you can, “save” your food stash and order delivery or take-out from one of these local businesses. If we all do it, we can help keep their doors open another day, another week, another month, another year! It’s important to shop locally – they are a great thread in our community. I know they would appreciate it and it’s really a good thing to do. We’re are here to help each other and help the community.

    Here at the Lydia Gable Realty Group, we are still doing real estate. We are just doing it in a different way. We’re doing things via video. Video consultations. FaceTime showings. We do have a couple of agents showing property for people who are relocating out here. And what are they doing? They’re practicing social distancing, they’re carrying wipes with them, they’re trying to not touch anything; when they touch something, they follow up with disinfecting wipes and wash their hands. There are still people who are looking to buy because interest rates are low and they need to move – perhaps their house sold or their lease is up. So if you are one of those that still need to do business, we are here to help with that too. But most importantly, we are concerned about you, we’re concerned about your families. Let’s stay strong as a community. We love the Conejo Valley and we’ll come out the other side. Stay healthy. Stay Strong.

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