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    It’s Summer: Check Your Air Conditioning Units


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    The summer has finally arrived for this real estate agent in my little corner of the world Westlake Village. For me, summer means that sunny Southern California is even sunnier. However, along with outdoor fun, barbeques and pool parties, Los Angeles summers equal hot, hot, hot temperatures. If you have lived through even one summer season in Los Angeles and especially in the San Fernando Valley area, you already know that the air conditioning unit in your home is your best friend. And conversely if your AC is on the fritz, it can become your biggest headache.

    Preparing a Home for Sale? Don’t Forget the AC Unit

    Whether preparing a home for sale, buying a new home or just trying to keep your lovely current abode cool, here are some dependable tips to make certain that your AC is reliable, especially in those dog days of summer when the heat index can top 100.

    In an article titled Things You Can Do Yourself to Repair Your Home Air Conditioner, they list some less obvious things to check for if your AC is acting up.

    Here are a few items on the check list:

    Timing Circuitry:Be aware – air conditioner systems usually have timing circuitry…if you change the thermostat temperature setting, or turn a component on or off, the system may not react for up to 10 minutes.

    Ice Blockage:If your system is not cooling as much as it normally does, and the air is not blowing out of the registers as strong as it usually does, there is a chance that your evaporator coil has frozen up.

    Cool Agoura Hills Homes for Sale

    Now if you are preparing your home for sale or renovating your home—especially in an upscale and competitive real estate market like Agoura Hills–do it right the first time. Don’t cut corners. Not only is it less cost effective in the long run, but if you decide to put your home on the market in the middle of August, if your potential buyers are sweating the minute they walk in to view the property, they aren’t likely to stay, much less buy your home.

    On in an article titled, 10 Must Know Tips for Your Air Conditioner, the author gives really great preventative tips for the home owner. She says in part:

    Change your air filter every 3 months. Put in a new filter at the start of summer, and then at least once every 3 months after that.

    Buy pleated filters. Spend a couple of dollars more to buy pleated synthetic filters, not the cheapest fiberglass filters.

    Check your ductwork for leaks. You don’t want all the cold air to leak out into your attic. There are two types of ductwork: flexible ducts and rigid metal ducts. Flexible ductwork is often used because it’s faster to install, but it doesn’t last as long. Metal ductwork lasts longer.

    On that note, from my beautiful Westlake Village real estate office, to all of my friends and clients: stay cool and safe this summer and don’t forget to check your air conditioning units. If you would like to purchase a home in the area or view current listings, contact me, Lydia Gable at (818) 934-8902 or at my email.

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