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    It’s Not Too Late to Sell in 2020!

    It’s a gorgeous day here in Southern California. I sure hope those that are around the Irvine area are safe. It’s October. It’s crazy to believe it’s Halloween week. Normally, I would be walking up and down Three Springs doing a live video to show you the amazing house decorations, but there are very few homes this year that are decorated. It’s 2020 – certainly nothing is normal. And real estate isn’t normal. So many people are asking me what is my forecast for the market in November and December.

    I want to share a relevant story about a single family home we just listed this past weekend. We spent two weeks painting and staging to get it ready as the sellers really wanted to maximize their ROI. It sold over the weekend with multiple offers. Over asking price. That’s just three weeks from starting to plan and strategize to SOLD! It’s not too late to get SOLD in 2020. For fun, the sellers and our team did a group bet on the date and time (in case there was a tie) that we would get our first offer. Our guesses were all over the place but we did have a winner! The sellers are super happy. The reason I’m sharing this story with you is because 2020 isn’t turning out the way 2020 was supposed to, we all know that. So, what is it going to be for November and December? Our feeling is interest rates are low, COVID is still happening, people are still working from home. They want to live where they live and Conejo Valley represents such a lifestyle. If you thinking of selling, it’s still a great time and the real estate market is active.

    A lot of people in the past, used to say, “I don’t want to list my home at the holidays.” But because people aren’t traveling, because nothing is normal, it’s still a really great time. Remember two people last week didn’t get the house that they were bidding on. So, there’s still a lot of buyers out there anxiously wanting to move.

    I want to wish everybody a happy and safe Halloween. Make it as fun as you possibly can – be safe for yourself and be kind to others. 2020 is turning out to be an unusual year, but let’s think positive. Let’s make it the best that we possibly can. And if you’ve got to move in your future, give us a call. We’re happy to help you!

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