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    Home Owners: It’s SO easy Being “Green”

    The benefits of owning a “green” home go far beyond sustaining the environment. In fact there are huge financial benefits for the homeowner. “Green” homes can ensure less long-term maintenance costs and improve overall energy and water savings. Here are some suggestions that might have you singing: It’s so easy being green.

    1.) Insulation:

    In hotter climates, room temperatures can soar causing your energy bills to sky rocket. Better insulation can have a dramatic effect on the need for air conditioning, by dropping the numbers on your thermostat by a whopping 10 degrees. Says an article on 8NewsNow titled, Going Green Can Save Homeowners Money. the savings can be dramatic.

    Going green can dramatically reduce energy costs … Attics usually reach 150 degrees in the summer. Good insulation can drop that temperature to approximately 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house – reducing air conditioning use.

    2.) Green Building:

    Use green building materials. Environmentally friendly, “green” building materials can actually be more durable. In some cases, they even have warranties that could outlast the time you live in the home! HGTV Remodels suggests:

    • Durable roofing materials. Some have 40- or 50-year warranties.
    • Recycled-content decking. Made of recycled plastic mixed with wood-waste fibers, this decking can last up to five times longer than traditional wood decking, and it never needs to be treated or painted.

    3.) Water Conservation

    Reducing the amount of water needed to run the home can be an important step to going “green”. Notably, in Southern California water restriction policies are often mandated by the government because of drought concerns so this is vitally important here. Tips include:

    • Install energy saving appliances to reduce water usage. This can include toilets, dishwashers and washing machines.
    • ·Water Treatment: Whole-house carbon filtration and water conditioners can solve conservation concerns

    According to Jason Bolas, water treatment technician at Bill Howe Plumbing in San Diego:

    Many people may not realize that a failing water heater is likely due to hard water causing scale build-up. Pinhole leaks also appear frequently because of the aggressive effects of hard water that is found in high concentrations in the local municipal water supply. Water treatment is the best defense against these problems.

    4.) Solar

    Although going solar requires a bit of an investment up front, you could save thousands in energy bills over time. Say architects KoningEizenbergSolar Panels: Not Just Big Rectangles on the Roof Anymore” in an article by the same title. They say:

    Dow’s Powerhouse shingles, for example, pretty much disappear when applied to a traditional asphalt roof. The thin film is also much more cost-effective when it comes to installation.

    Here are some ideas for solar

    • Install a solar hot water heater. It will save you money and conserve energy
    • Solar panels on the roof will protect it from wear and tear and can again save you money through the years

    Green Homes in Westlake Village

    Small steps to transition to “green” living will not only improve your own living conditions and save you money, but these little steps now could ensure a brighter and healthier future for your children and generations to come. For questions on this or any topic or to view “greener” built home listings in and around Westlake Village, contact Lydia Gable today for a consultation.

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