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Finding ‘My’ Home on HGTV’s ‘HouseHunters’

Recently I appeared on HGTV’s HouseHunters on an episode titled, New Parents Look for a Home with Good Feng Shui in L.A. The segment centered on new parents Jake and Jenny who were ready to buy a nicer home outside of Los Angeles. The couple’s hope: to relocate to a bigger home in the suburbs right outside of L.A. However, the conflict—because all TV needs some conflict— in this particular episode was that Jenny had a requirement. She had compromised on style in her first home with Jake and chose not to do that this go-around. The deal: Jenny insisted on an open, airy design with good Feng Shui. Enter the realtor—that would be me. My job ultimately, was to find the couple a Mediterranean style home in the suburbs of Los Angeles with the open, airy feel and good Feng Shui that Jenny insisted upon but in addition—in order to keep Jake happy—find a property which also fulfilled his wish to have a home with a cozy feel and a sense of privacy.

HGTV admitted in the teaser as the episode air date approached:

… their healthy $750,000 budget will limit their options in L.A.’s pricey housing market.

My Road to HGTV…

My buyers Jenny and Jake absolutely loved their home buying journey with me. Because they not only loved the experience of buying the house but also are fans of HouseHunters, they asked if I would participate in an episode. Of course, it sounded like fun so I agreed. The couple submitted their story for review. We all had to submit videos as well to make sure we were right for TV and the tone of the show. Production loved it – before I knew it I was filming the episode. The total filming took 4 days all of which was a very fun experience.

In the end – and this is what matters most to me—my clients Jenny and Jake now live happily in the home they selected.

From HGTV to You: What Will Your Realty Experience Be?

Whether on TV or in my community of Westlake Village, my approach to home sales remains consistent. As a top ranked Southern California realtor, I am a staging expert for the home seller and I have a lengthy track record of happy home buyers. If you, like our featured couple Jenny and Jake on HGTV’s Househunters, have a specific wish list, contact Lydia Gable today to view listings or meet for a consultation.

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