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Empty Nesters Doing Real Estate, Bigger and Better!

We’ve all heard about empty nesters downsizing their homes once the kids are gone or in anticipation of retirement. But the face of the empty nester looks markedly different today than as early as twenty years ago. For various reasons, including an aging population living longer with a better quality of life, as well as more active, healthy empty nesters who still work, the downsizing trend is changing in nature. The empty nester may or may not be buying bigger, but they are buying better! An article in Miami Real Estate paints the picture of the current empty nester demographic – those who are buying better and in some cases bigger, more luxurious homes. Says the article:

Today’s population is working past 65 and enjoying more active, more leisure filled time. Instead of the cliché of retiring to the front porch or the easy chair, they’re using the opportunity of becoming “empty nesters” to look into a variety of opportunities, including buying a different type of house, one that’s on a golf course, luxury condominiums, or even lofts with home gyms.

Moving Up, Not Moving Out

Many empty nesters finds that they bought a house for one reason when the kids were younger–maybe schools were most important or a back yard—and now they find that, still vibrant, still working, they are excited about the possibilities of a new style home. Younger empty nesters, not even close to retirement, are looking for outdoor recreation, good weather, a different life-style. Some, according to MSN are also taking in older parents so the possibility of downsizing isn’t as practical. For these empty nesters, they might move to a more affluent community or closer to the city, but keep the size of the home or in some cases even go bigger. For the majority of empty nesters who do downsize, the focus becomes ‘moving up’ rather than simply ‘moving out’. Says Scottsdale real estate expert Sandra Wilken in her article titled, Living Large as an Empty Nester:

We know it can be difficult to leave behind the home your kids grew up in, but moving up can have many benefits. Entertainment, a fresh start and convenience are at the top of the list.

Lake Sherwood Homes and Surrounding…

If you are a young empty nester you might be looking for a community closer to your grown children, maybe your grandkids, but that will also accommodate your luxury life style. Consider the Lake Sherwood area. A guarded golf club community, only 30 minutes from the Los Angeles area, it’s the perfect mix of luxury and active life style because let’s face it 50 is no longer your grandmother’s 50. Lake Sherwood has gorgeous lake view homes, close proximity to hiking trails, terrific restaurants and shops and last but certainly not least, perfect weather. Additionally, it’s ideal for the middle aged couple who wants to be close to their grown children who lives in Los Angeles or Orange County. An empty nest doesn’t have to resemble less of a home! It can actually offer you so much more!

If you are planning on selling or buying a home in the Lake Sherwood area, contact Lydia Gable for a consultation today.

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