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Buying a Home: A Social Activity?

Choosing A Neighborhood

Have you considered that buying a home may add or detract from your level of social interaction? While certainly not a first consideration for most, your social life as it relates to where you buy your next home, should indeed be a thought in choosing a neighborhood. After all, one’s state of happiness in a community is never just about the physical property. If you could just gauge by a home’s value or the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms it has, buying a new home would be simple. Certainly if you plan on raising children in the area—thinking long term as opposed to a quick flip—then you should really take a personal inventory and decide what kind of life you prefer to have outside of the home. Ultimately, is this new home and its surrounding community, a match for your needs? An article on says, people can get swept up in the perks of the home like a sweeping staircase or a breathtaking view, and forget about lifestyle, social life and the commute.

Is your potential new home well suited to getting where you need to go? … Do the rush-hour drive to check whether traffic flows smoothly. Daily two-hour traffic snarls can ruin your mood and your schedule … Both your home’s location and its setup will affect how you spend your time off. Do you enjoy the nightlife? Will you need to scale back your social life?

A Community that Feels Like Home

Most folks mistakenly think you have to compromise—if you want a good school for example, your social life will probably get pushed aside—but this just isn’t true in all cases. For instance in my stomping ground, Westlake Village, CA, a home owner here, is not only surrounded by one of the best school districts in the country, but s/he also has great access to top restaurants, outdoor activities like hiking, water sports on the lake, golf, shopping, and even an amazing theatre/concert venue. All this can be had when buying a home in the upscale community of Westlake Village. And to top it off, it’s only a short commute to Los Angeles and Malibu! So you can have the best of both worlds If you are thinking of buying here. Investopedia gives a nice, concise check list on things to consider when you buy your next new home. Here are a few of their best tips:

  • Who Lives Next Door?
    If you are an atheist, it’s probably best not move into the Bible belt. This is an extreme example but it actually makes a good point. If you are someone who keeps to yourself, ask yourself, ‘is this the kind of community where everyone is involved in everyone else’s business’ – Ask around.
  • Like Day and Night
    Make a visit at night to see if the area comes alive or totally changes. Do you feel safe? Are people out or do they retire early?
  • At Your Leisure
    What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Is this a community that will support that? And will others in the community be like-minded? If you like Bingo and you choose a community the demographic is 18-50 and everyone is out rock climbing – well you know the rest…

Home buying can be exciting, exhilarating and often times, stressful. Choose a realtor who you can trust to tell you the truth and one who will always honor your needs! In that way, you will make the best decision for your money and your life style!

Lydia Gable is a top ranked real estate agent in Westlake Village with over a decade of proven experience. She is also lives and works in the area – a definite bonus to which her satisfied clientswill attest. For more information on homes in Westlake Village or if you are ready to buy a new home today in and around the Conejo Valley, contact Lydia Gable today for an appointment.

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