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Home Buyer Turn-Offs

Don't Repel Your Home Buyer... Many home sellers don't know the art of attracting the home buyer and in turn end up repelling potential candidates. As agents, we know you are eager beaver ...
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The Art of Home Staging

In order to get an offer on your home, you need to first impress a potential buyer in a way that will make him or her envision a future life in that home. What is the best way to do this? The absolute ...
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Halloween Traditions Around the World

When most Americans think of Halloween, we think of candy corn, costumed kids, Trick or Treating and haunted houses. But according to there is a much more macabre, true story of Halloween. ...
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Spotlight: Celeb Enclave Hidden Hills and More...

Back in 2013, I wrote two very popular articles, the first being Celeb Homes: Calabasas, Lake Sherwood...and the other, Buying a Home: Spotlight on Lake Sherwood. Over a year later, I thought it would ...
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New Season, New Westlake Village Fall Activities

Westlake Village: A Lovely Place to Work, Live and Visit… As we usher in the cooler fall season, enjoy the benefits of living in Westlake Village and all that it offers for its residents! For ...
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"Do-It" Upgrades to Sell Your Home

Is your home stuck in the 70s but you want it to sell well in 2014? If you are ready to sell your home now and feel the need for upgrade projects to increase the chances of listing success, there are ...
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Find the Right Real Estate Agent: 5 Questions to Ask

Realtors ®, like with professionals in any field, come with different styles, attitudes and personalities. Real estate agents in Ventura County California are no different than those in Suffolk ...
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Buying a Home: A Social Activity?

Choosing A Neighborhood Have you considered that buying a home may add or detract from your level of social interaction? While certainly not a first consideration for most, your social life as it ...
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At Home: 2015 Interiors Trends

Often the path to a new home starts right where you are – at home. As we usher yet another fall season, as the leaves change and another year passes, renewal is right around the corner. It's ...
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Setting Your Home Price to Sell

Setting the home price for optimal sale is sometimes the most difficult part of the realtor-client relationship, but perhaps the most important. This is why you always choose a realtor with whom you ...
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School's Back in Session: Organize the Home Now!

It's back to school time for many of us and the perfect time to reorganize the home. Whether you are sending your kids off to their first day of grade school or the first day of college, this is ...
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Mortgage Delinquencies Lowest in 6 Years - Good News

Fewer Delinquent Mortgage Payments, Better for You Reports out this week revealed that fewer U.S. homeowners are delinquent on their mortgage payments. The numbers indicate that the late-payment rate ...
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Home Sales: Summer Isn't Over Yet

It's not too late to take advantage of the summer home-selling spree which typically amps up from May to August. Assuming you make the right choice by selecting an experienced real estate agent, ...
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A Snapshot of the Best Places to Live SoCal

Agoura Hills Agoura Hills is a beautiful and affluent community about one half hour outside of Los Angeles which makes for an easy commute. This Los Angeles County city is home to a state-of-the-art ...
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The 'Buffett' Approach to Real Estate Investing

Warren Buffett recently penned a letter for the benefit of those who are interested in real estate investing. Of course I think anyone---not only real estate investors---could find value after reading ...
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Summer 2014: The Secret to the Home Sale

In light of my recent article, Summer SoCal Housing Market Update: 'Normal' , and after reading The Huffington Post piece titled, 6 Seller Secrets for This Summer's Real Estate Market, I ...
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Summer SoCal Housing Market Update: 'Normal'

The Southern California housing market update for summer 2014, while still hot, has settled from a high boil to a more stabilized 'normal' temp – at least compared to last year's ...
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Summer in Westlake Village is Hot, Hot Hot!

If you are a resident of Westlake Village then you probably already know that this awesome community is about to get a big boost from the new Target retail center. We have all been eagerly awaiting ...
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The Luxury Housing Market

'Luxury Housing Differs with the Local Market' The luxury housing market is evolving quite rapidly as the economy recovers. A luxury home---if it is to be deemed luxury by savvy home ...
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Crowdfunding in Real Estate: A New Era of Investing

The Emergence of Crowdfunding in Real Estate The emergence of crowdfunding as an investment tool for serious real estate players is changing the housing market as we know it. As the market recovers, ...
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Housing News: 'Normal' is a Good Goal!

This is a market where the transactions are not banks blowing out their supply [of foreclosures], which is very hard to predict. You have a much more normal market. ~ Jerry Nickelsburg, UCLA economics ...
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Equity Check: Is it Time to Sell?

Selling A Home: A Personal Decision The decision to sell a home is a highly individualized and personal one. But there are signs to watch out for that may signal when it's a good time to sell your ...
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Choosing the Best Realtor

What differentiates an "OK" realtor from one who is worthy of your highest referral? Well, there are questions to ask and a guide to determine the best from the rest. A great realtor has an ...
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Must Move in a Hurry: Tips to Ease the Process

I Have to Sell a Home in a Hurry! You've only recently settled into a new home, you're acclimating to the new neighborhood and suddenly your spouse comes home and says the dreaded, ...
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Summers by the Pool: Tips to Stay Safe!

For many of us, especially in Southern California, a pool is not only a valuable part of a luxury home purchase, but a more-common-than-not expectation at most properties in this part of the nation. ...
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